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Villetta di Monterufoli
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* up to 16 years


Pian di Seta

Pian di Seta

Obtained from Vermentino grapes, carefully selected and hand-picked, Pian di Seta is a wine with great personality, harmonious and persistent in taste.

It has a straw yellow color, aromas of ripe exotic fruit and almond, wisteria flowers, and toasted bread.

In the mouth, it is balanced with final sensations that are fresh and savory, characterized by a strong mineral aspect.

Served at a temperature between 10C. and 12C., Pian di Seta goes extremely well with seafood dishes typical of the Maremma or the Tyrrhenian areas, but also with white meats and medium aged cheeses.

Grapes: 100% Vermentino.

Possibility of aging: 2/4 years.